Seven Frequently Used Dissertation Research Questions To Write A Grade Winning Thesis

Seven Frequently Used Dissertation Research Questions To Write A Grade Winning Thesis
Here are total seven types of good dissertation questions which will help you decide which type of question would be suitable for your thesis project. These in detailed description of dissertation research questions will help you devise worth reading material in the end.

Before we discuss what dissertation research questions are, we must understand what is the term, dissertation all about?

A thesis commonly known as dissertation is a compilation of research work conducted by a student of generally masters or PhD level in order to obtain their degree. There are many other types of thesis as well like a project written for extended study projects for high school or colleges. Format however differs from one another as there is a huge difference between high school and university.

Now we must proceed to dissertation research questions.

As the name indicates, its simply a question that is aimed to solve by the writer. This question is solved with manipulation because sometimes, it becomes very difficult to provide an answer to the question that is based on simple research. A writer has to be good in persuasive techniques so that he would be able to prove the given hypothesis correct.

They are many types of research questions out of which some of them are:


These questions seem to be quite easy to answer but in reality they are not. It requires an in depth research work from the side of a writer. There is a less theoretical work involved in such kind of research work and may be this is why; students find it quite daunting to answer such questions.


These questions are solved with various ways including public poll as these questions directly relate to what is going on or what really exists. An example for descriptive question would be something like this:

What percent of people will vote for the upcoming presidential election?


This one is more specific as it seeks to understand a relation between two or more than two variables. If we take the above told example, the question would be something like this:

What portion of males and females will participate in the upcoming president election?


It takes into account each and every factor that caused the certain condition process or event, for instance: what causes democracy to develop? This question contain a wide scope of matters to be discussed which will dig out full set of factors about it.


There are two variables generally discussed in every thesis. Therefore, this question will discuss how one variable affects the other one. For example; your casual question could be something like this: Could the development in socialism result in to the development of democracy?


What are the possibilities for the occurrence of x factor? You will predict on your assumptions and reasonable grounds, what are the probabilities of the x factor to take shape? For example; what do you think, will China reclaim the Taiwanese Boundaries? What are the possibilities? These good dissertation questions will help you maintain your interest in the thesis writing process.

7-Policy arguments:

Here, you will debate on various policies to find out which one is better than the other. What are these policies made of and what are the cost benefit analyses of them?

Therefore, read the above told different types of research questions before you commence thesis writing process.

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What Are The Seven Useful Sample Dissertation Questions For Phd Students?

What Are The Seven Useful Sample Dissertation Questions For Phd Students?
Here are seven different types of example dissertation questions for the students so that they don?t find it difficult to decide one for them. Not only that there is a brief description of these research questions as well in this article.

At times students who dread with the idea of writing a thesis often search for other ways to get their project done on time. It is but obvious that not everybody is adept at writing and do not have the requisite writing skills, so, you can imagine what kind of thesis they can end up on.

Apart from this, they face another grave problem for their thesis writing and that is to develop appropriate dissertation questions that no teacher can reject. The research objectives are of many types which directly relate to the nature of the topic you are working on. Frequently used research objectives include descriptive, observational or relational, cause and effect etc. These are decided by the writer after pondering on how they will conduct a research work.

Most of the time writers get confused with thesis statement and research questions for they do not know the difference between them. Therefore, let me inform you that the thesis statement is a prelim answer to the research question you have thrown to the audience.

Here are some example dissertation questions:

1-Cause and effect:

This type of objective seeks to understand the dynamics of a cause and its effect on its surroundings. For example:

Why did the world is greatest catastrophe in the form of World War II begin?


This type of objective takes in account the relation between two objects, events or condition of some connection. For example:

How drugs affects on our nervous system?


As the name indicates, comparison objectives deal with a comparison between two phenomena which could be anything to everything. For example:

What are the similar aspects of Vietnam and Iraq war?

4-All factors:

All factors want a writer to touch every corner of the subject which sometimes becomes quite intimidating for a writer. For example:

What can we do to start a small business?


Process objectives deal in determining the whole process or procedure of anything in detail. For example:

How does children seeks to understand different things in life?


It determines what a function of any particular thing is? For example:
What is the purpose of getting higher education?


Question that deals with every structure of a particular issue in detail, for example:

How do the different parts of car engine works to make a car run faster?

The mistake:

The biggest mistake that a student commits is that they often search for the sample dissertation questions which is no way a bad thing but what they do is just copy and paste it as it is in their thesis which deteriorates not only their thesis but their impression on their supervisor as well. This is why; it is advisable that you do not commit the same mistake again for it will not help you at all.

Hence, before you finally decide about the final research question, you must read the preceding guidelines so that you can become familiar with all the types.

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